Mauritius as a new Mrs


Darryn and I had a pretty long engagement which made planning for our wedding a lot easier. Darryn was in charge of the honeymoon and opted to keep it a surprise. I literally had no idea where we were going until 03:30 am after we left our own wedding. The entire time he would make jokes and say we are going to my families game farm where we spend almost every weekend, so I knew he was hiding something up his sleeve.

I was so relieved when I saw we were going to the beautiful tropical island of Mauritius, where we could just relax, which was so ideal because I was physically and emotionally exhausted after my wedding. Darryn booked our honeymoon at La Mauricia Resort which is part of the Beachcomber group, this is an all inclusive resort that has endless amounts of food and cocktails. I gained 3kg in a week there, that’s how good I ate and sipped cocktails! Beachcombers is a group of hotels that are interlinked, meaning guests can enjoy food and cocktails at any of their hotels, which is so cool and each one is so different.

The resort was soooo pretty,  massive palm trees everywhere, two huge heated pools, tennis courts, spa, night club, two restaurants and so much more! The best part was that even our water sports were included. We tried to book something for everyday just to make the most of our experience. La Mauricia is located in Grand Baie which is a very touristy area in Mauritius, which I’m not always for “touristy” but this was perfect for a relaxing week away.

Mauritius is such a vibrant island with a ton of things to do.  So here is a look at some of the things we did:

1. Pompelmousse Botanical Gardens – This was a must for me because my parents also went to Mauritius on their honeymoon and took pictures at the giant lillypads so I had to as well. We took a guided tour which was so helpful because you often walk past some of the plants and trees and have no idea what you’re actually looking at. We paid 100 Rupees for our tour and it was well worth it!

2. We ate endless amounts of Victorian pineapples. Ok, can we talk about how sweet Mauritian pineapples are? I know South Africa is known for their fruit but Mauritius takes the cake on pineapples. Not one single day went past that we didn’t take a walk to Grand Baie  to buy a pineapple. If you like spicy food (like me) ask them to put chili salt on. It’s the!


Also if you want to read more about the foods you need to try in Mauritius,  click here.

3. Glass Bottom Boating – this was a fun way to start our trip. We went in a very busy season  in Mauritius so booking excursions was kind of difficult because so many of the activities were fully booked. So this is all that we could do on our first day. This is perfect for kids who can’t swim yet, but would love to see fish and other sea creatures. We saw so many types of fish, starfish and even a water snake!

4. Hire a scooter – We love exploring and decided to hire a scooter for the day, it was so much fun and an awesome way to get in touch with everything around you. Mauritius has very tropical weather so it rained everyday for about 15 min at a time, so it rained even when we were on the scooter. Thank goodness for water ponchos! We paid 600 Rupees for the day which I think was well worth it, especially because a taxi from Pampelmousse back to our hotel was well over 1000 Rupees.


5. We stopped at some ‘touristy’ spots like Notre Dame Auxillatrice Church. Probably the most breathtaking spot for a church I’ve ever seen! This church features a lot in postcards and posters all around the island so we totally also wanted a picture at this spot.


6. We also stopped at Chateau de Labourdonnais, the famous house of Christian Wiehe established in 1774. It has massive, richly decorated rooms with insane amounts of detail.  I had to ask the employees if they thought it was haunted and they said yes definitely! CREEEEPY! Although it was rainy, it was still so pretty and I would highly recommend it to all travelers. Oh and when you’re done, you can go do a rum tasting and take a walk through their amazing gardens.


7. Since Mauritius is home to the extinct Dodo bird (oxymoron?) I was determined to see the stuffed one at the Natural Museum of History in the capital of Port Louis. It was kind of far to drive all that way on a scooter but I had my mind set. After about an hour of driving we finally arrived, only to find out it was closed due to renovations. I was so sad, but I guess it gives us a reason to go back right ;-). So I found this dodo instead!


And we saw some really cool street art in the capital too!

8. We were cruising along the beach front road when we came across such a pretty, colourful temple! It’s called Tamil Surya Oudaya Sangam Temple. We didn’t go inside because we started getting a bit sore riding the scooter for hours and hours but it was well worth passing by!

10. After a full day on a scooter we decided to hire a Moke, its like a mini-jeep and Darryn hired a barbie pink one for me, I loved every second of it!!!! We drove down to the southern side of the island to visit some of Darryn’s family, so we spent the day eating Mauritian foods and swimming at Blue Bay.


Darryn isn’t the best swimmer, (he even struggles to float….lol) and after one attempt at snorkeling (which he has done before in Thailand) he was so over it, and that’s when we found…….UNDERWATER SCOOTERS!!!! Yes, I kid you not, it was so freaking cool! What an amazing way to explore under the ocean without having to worry about swimming or breathing! TIP: Take some bread or bananas with you and all the fish will come straight to you!


We had the best honeymoon filled with some of the best memories that I will cherish forever and ever! I’m definitely planning on going back! What do you recommend we see next time? xx


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Darryn’s Instagram: darryncock

Leah’s Facebook: Blonde Macaroon



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