July Update & 12 Things

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and it’s because I’ve been on holiday! It’s been so amazing spending time with Darryn, friends and family. I’ve been doing a bit of networking, hoping  my blog will grow more and more!

So, one of my favorite bloggers has a segment called 12 things. It’s basically an opportunity to let readers know 12 things that are happening in our lives right now. The whole point of my blog is to build connections with readers and get to know them more. I’m super excited to start this monthly segment and can’t wait to hear from you!



We just got back from the Kruger National Park and it’s probably one of my favorite places ever. We can literally drive for 12 hours looking for different animals! We saw hyenas, lions, leopard, elephant, rhinos, giraffes, zebra, kudu, hippos, crocodiles, impala, klipspringer, duiker, buffalo, bush buck and so many beautiful birds!


We got tickets for Katy Perry and I’m so excited, I love going to concerts and wish more artists would come to South Africa.


I’ve restarted the BBG fitness program so many times because I always get to about week 3 and then get distracted and feel like I need to start over, so this week exactly that happened and it’s pretty annoying.



Darryn and I just finished all of Breaking Bad and I’m so disappointed about the ending, like what happened to everyone else? I feel like I need some more answers to this….


Whenever it’s winter in South Africa, it’s summer in America….like right now. I get so jealous of all their summer outfits, so I ordered two costumes (bathing suits)…lol! One of them is yellow which I’m kind of skeptical about because I’m so pale, but nothing a little spray tan can’t fix!


Speaking of spray tans….I’m very tempted to book a spray tan appointment because my face looks translucent and I can actually see veins in my cheeks….this girl needs some desperate colour.



I’ve been struggling with my eye for the last few days and went to a doctor who said he couldn’t find anything wrong and gave me an antibiotic, two days later my eye was still killing me so I went to an optometrist and he found one of my eyelashes curled the wrong way under my eyelid! Huggggggggge shout out to Execuspecs and Cradlestone Mall for saving me!


I go back to work next week Tuesday and I’m literally so excited to see all the kids in my class, they are so dang cute! I love being a teacher and having such an amazing opportunity to be able to get to know each child and their families.



I’ve been obsessed with this cream for the past month or so. It smells so good and really helps me to moisturize my super dry winter skin. Seriously, everyone needs this cream in their life!


Darryn and I have been looking at different local places to visit during our December holiday because everything is booked out so early! Two years ago we did a huge road trip and it was so much fun! Where is your favorite holiday destination in South Africa?


We’ve been watching the Soccer World Cup as much as possible, we’re not supporting a specific team but we are kind of rooting for Belgium and I have no idea why!



It’s been amazing having such a positive response to my blog and being able to network with so many people. I love all the positive responses and messages!  Thank you guys for all your support. It means the WORLD to me!


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