(red) Orange is the New Black

Happy Monday everyone! Darryn and I had such a good weekend, we spent it on our game farm which is basically our home away from home. (I put a picture on insta and on my story). We go there at least every second weekend where we generally entertain Darryn’s clients, we eat A LOT, do some game drives and relax all weekend long. It’s the best energy boost ever!



Clothes: Sweater / Earrings (old)

Last week I found the most perfect colour sweater ever!  (I can’t say the word ‘sweater’ without saying ‘sweata weatha’ in my head, lol) Solid red is often intimidating for me because I feel like I’m too pale for it, but this red/orange colour is WHAT’S HAPPENING! And to accompany this sweater is the most perfect matching matte lip gloss by Maybelline. Click here to view it on Amazon.




It’s part of their Super Stay Matte Ink collection in the colour Heroine – what a cool name! I literally could not get it off though, I exfoliated over my lips and couldn’t get it all the way off, used micellar water, still didn’t come all the way off and only the next morning could  I scrub the rest off. So if you’re looking for a long lasting lip colour, this one is the way to go! This product gets a solid 9/10 and totally deserves  a spot in your makeup bag, FO REAL!

What is your go-to red lipstick?

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xx Leah

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