Black and Stripes

Stripey Skirt

sweater / skirt / earrings / boots

I’ve been loving the weather in Joburg lately! It’s still winter but warm enough to wear dresses and cute spring(ish) outfits! We spent our day at a little market and are getting ready to go ten pin bowling with some friends (I’m literally the worst but I’m so sure I have the most fun out of everyone).


I love pairing sweaters with skirts, especially this super adorable stripy skirt from Cotton On. I love whats happening at Cotton on lately, (hence my previous blog post (red) Orange is the New Black. It’s a goody if you’re keen for an extra read 😉 But seriously,  check out some of my favorites that I found for the perfect winter/spring outfit here, here, here and here!



We’re so keen to go away next week for the look weekend, but so stuck on ideas…my favorite is the bush and would love to check out a new lodge, but Darryn is keen on restaurant hoping, which is also something that we love! We go to a ton of restaurants and coffee shops and usually share something small and have a coffee or a drink and then head off to the next place. I’ve seen so many posts about the Naked Coffee shop in the Morningside which we would LOVE to try! We’ll see though. What are your plans for the long weekend?

xx Leah

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3 thoughts on “Black and Stripes

  1. I really liked your look… interesting post

    1. Thanks WhyToStop, I really appreciate it.

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