Poetry for Women’s Day

It’s Women’s day which means more time with my family and I’m ecstatic! I’ve been surrounded by the strongest women who inspire me daily to be a better woman and to use this platform I’ve created to connect and empower other women!


I’ve always been Poetry’s number one fan but always from a distance because the ’boutique’ feel kind of intimidated me…how ridiculous thoughts are when you’re little. My thought process was always that when I’m a sophisticated, heel-wearing business woman, my time to wear strictly Poetry clothes would come (my word, how embarrassing). But how could anyone not be obsessed with their Asian inspired wrap dress?!


I saw this dress on one of the mannequins and instantly fell head over heels for it. I love a wrap dress, they are always so flattering for every body type! Best of all, it’s so easy to dress it up or down! Add a pair of heels to dress up, or throw on a denim jacket to dress it down.


I’m obsessed with the door knobs that you find at Poetry! Every store has a little section filled with different colours and shapes! They are so dang cute! My parents recently remodeled their kitchen, it kind of has a bit of a modern Spanish flare and I bought them so many different door knobs for their kitchen (I think there was close to 30) and each one is unique and cute! They get SOOOO many compliments on them. You can check out all their different handles here.

I also found these super cute ankle boots from Woolworths which are kinda fun and funky!


Low key obsessed with their Amelia range, check it out here, the most perfect gift ever!

Thanks for reading! Your support means the world to me!


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